Sunday, May 22, 2011

Blue Weed Flower

This is a tiny little flower that growing everywhere in my yard. It is actually as tiny as a little dot, and without a zoom lens I would have missed it. Even with my 7mega pixel point and shoot camera, it did an amazing job.

This little blue flower only opens when there is sun, and folds up when the weather is gloomy. Now, after this discovery, I stop yanking these weed out and let it grows.

These blue flowers are my models for the week. Poor things, the camera is constantly in their face ready to capture their movement.

Joining Blue Monday and Midweek Blue!!

Entering in Bella Photography's Contest "Blue"..

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  1. so beautiful Icy, the details in the leaves are awesome too. yes, your camera took good shots of this miniature flower.

  2. Beautiful photos, perfect for Blue Monday!

  3. Icy, I can see all the little hairs and every detail in these shots. Wow! What a fantastic job you did in capturing these little beauties.

  4. Look at the hairy little leaves - all the better to collect moisture. It's a pretty periwinkle color, too.

  5. All treasured plants started out as weeds.

  6. What a tiny treasure! Thanks for sharing your blues.

    Happy Blue Monday, Icy.

  7. This is beautiful! I can see the hairs around the beautiful blue flower. Great shot!

  8. This is a pretty lawn adornment!

  9. Whatever that weed is, it provided you with a nice blue feature.

  10. If weeds are that pretty, they can grow in my garden freely hehehe..

  11. Lucky you to have 'em in your yard...and what? tiny as a dot... wow, that's amazing.... suddenly, i'd like to see it live now.(:

    Take care,


  12. they're beautiful
    love the shade of blue and the shape
    well done on the close-ups

  13. Pretty! Thanks for entering :)

  14. This a little flower with a distinct personality!

  15. Icy, I saw some tiny little blue flowers and white ones too and tried hard to capture them. They are so tiny! You did brilliantly!


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