Thursday, November 6, 2014

Beautiful Hot-Cake Flowers

After my son re-do the front porch and put down grass seed, he wanted to plant flowers! Oh yes, another strange phenomenon thing going on! I'm on the other hand, not very enthusiastic about it as I've planted flowers in this spot before and they all died. Some are suffocating and flimsy, such as my dianthus.

However, when I see the Hot Cakes Mix Stock; I went for them because they were different looking and this was the first time I saw them.

The Hot Cakes Mix Stocks came in three colors: white, purple and pink. They need full sun and well drained soil with two varieties. I am a sick individual knowing quite well that this area neither receives full sun or has well drained soil. I figure I will just take a chance on them :-), after all I only spent roughly three dollars for them. 

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